List of FAQ


Any emails & messages that are sent after our designated business hours will not be addressed until our operating hours. (These are on our socials) These time have had to be introduced as we need a break form 7 days a week 10 hours a day, we do also enjoy spending time with our children.

- What is the difference between Litchi & Faux Leather

The texture of the litchi is its pronounced exactly the same as the "lychee" fruit and the faux leather has a resemblance to the texture of the lychee skin and is kind of a little pebble texture, super popular in bow making etc and my canvas based is really popular for clutches handbags etc

The canvas based faux leather is popular with bag makers etc but still really good for bows. The litchi is super popular with bow makers.

- Are you a shop or online?

As we are a family run business we are purely online only :) With covid we offer contactless collection for all pick up orders as this is something I do not want to introduce in to our space :)

- Sold Out Items

When an items is sold out on our website, enter your email address into the "Notify me when this product is available:" you will receive an email once this item is restocked and back in stock

- Do you sell sizes larger than A4?

Yes, please go to the collection of "Rolls"

- What is a good glue to use for projects.

We recommend using E6000 this has a much stronger and longer hold

- Where are you located?

We are an Australian based online store located in Burpengary, Queensland 

- Do you offer Pick up

Yes, select pick up at the checkout. Your order will be ready for collection with in 24 hours unless placed on a weekend. This is a contactless collection due to covid-19

If your order remains uncollected for a period of 3 weeks with no communication a refund will be issued and your order cancelled. 

- If I select pick up can you hold my order until I place another one to ship?

No, Please only us pick up if you intend on collection your order. 

- Do you ship worldwide?

No, We only ship within Australia 

- Are your your indigenous items designed by an indigenous artist? and why is it not referenced?

No, as we always mention our Australian designs are "Inspired" by the Australian culture. These are a selection of images that we have purchased to replicate on a commercial level only. These images are a selection of Australian Inspired items! If they were by an artist we would have a simple biography on the item.

- How do I access my SVG? 

This one is so simple and straightforward, when purchasing and svg file you will recieve after the checkout process is complete a link to "Access" your item/s as well as an email with a link to click. You will have an image as well as an "Access now" option click it this will redirect you to your items.

If you do not receive an email check your junk and spam folders then mark the email as safe otherwise you will not be able to acces the links. Pretty straight forward.

- SVG Bow sizes?

As mentioned in our items description, each bow is resizable to whatever size you like and wish to make.

When these items are made using our design software, they are saved to the size of the finished product you see on the website. 

We have no control over how your SVG will be imported into your program so you may need to resize it when uploaded.

- Design sizes? How can I tell the size?

Simple, every image on our website is the actual product size, we don't alter anything.

Each image is taken from 2 x A4 Sheets of faux leather, 1 laying flat and the other rolled up and placed on top.

By doing this it also shows you exactly how you print will look. 

- Pre order roll sizes?

As you will see each image is from a seamless illustration. We are only offering these to be printed in 2 size options, a smaller size as well as a bigger size (as we thought people who make bows would like the prints to be smaller to suit) 

If your unsure about what your size will be once printed, grab a ruler and measure it out. These are now a limited offer and will not be offered again in 2 size choices in the future it will be one size only.

- Why have I not received any tracking information?

Email addresses are required for tracking information, if you do not provide one you will not receive tracking information ( we are not mind readers :) ) 

All tracking is sent via email once your order has been filled, be sure to check junk and spam folder also

- Do you give Discounts or offer Wholesale

The answer to this one is no. No we don't offer wholesale and no we don't give people discounts. We spend a lot of time sourcing excellent quality materials and price them accordingly.

- Can I combine orders 

Yes, providing your order has not been processed. Send us a DM on Facebook with your original order number and we will check to see its status prior to placing multiple orders

- How long does it take to send an order?

Orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 Business days. Sometimes orders may take longer to ship due to new releases or a high volume of orders. Our order cut off time is 6.00pm AEST Monday to Thursday.

Once your order has been sent you will receive an email notification with its tracking number. Please check your junk and spam folders

- Can my order be sent with our the tracking?

No, all our items are sent out with a mandatory signature on delivery this allows us to have some control over Australia post and to help you order not go missing

- I only want to purchase a few sheets do you have a cheaper postage cost?

No, we actually wear a lot of the postage expense and are considering removing the Free shipping over $80. 

Most orders average a cost of  $13.11 to send with tracking up to $21.90 this is a cost that we don't yet pass on to our customers, so no we don't offer a cheaper rate even for a few items. We will be seriously re considering our postage and re evaluating it in the new financial year.

FYI  - Postage cost will be increasing on the 01.07.2022 to $12.90 for standard
shipping with tracking. 

- If i select express will my order get processed first

No, your order will not go to the top of the pile by selecting express. Your order will be processed in which it was received that day.

- Do you do custom bundles?

Yes, we can put together some custom bundles based on your wants, however due to past experience and being let's say "Ghosted" or an 11th hour or ive changed my mind situation we do now require payment for this service upfront. We can create custom items on our website for payments to proceed with your request.

- Do you have a contact number 

No, we only have personal numbers and under no circumstance's do we give these out. If you need to reach us please send a DM via facebook and we will respond within our operating hours.

- What do I do if I'm not happy with my order?

We happily accept returns provided that they are in the original condition. Any return items will however be at your own expense. Any orders that are returned for a refund will be refunded less the shipping costs involved.

If there is a problem with your order, please contact us and send photos.  We will do our best to help and fix any problems if they may occur. 

- Contact via Email

If for any reason you contact us via email with a question or query regarding a product, send a photo!

We are not mind readers and do not have a crystal ball. Send an image as well as your email. This will save us so much valuable time and stop the back and forth emails.

1 email include everything as we like to spend time with our kids at the end of each day and not in front of a computer having to constantly reply to the same email 3 or 4 times

 Just remember 

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